1. Can I use my library card at different libraries?
Only Fraser residents may have a Fraser Library card, but Fraser belongs to the Suburban Library Cooperative. Your valid library card can be used at any of the 20 libraries in the system. Clinton-Macomb and Troy public libraries are on a different computer system. If you use those libraries, you will need to take your Fraser card with identification for inputting into their system.
2. How much time do I have when checking out library material?
  • New Books: 14 days with 2 renewals
  • Books: 21 days with 2 renewals
  • Audio CDs: 7 days with 2 renewals
  • Audio Books: 21 days with 2 renewals
  • New DVDs: 7 days with 1 renewal and a $2.00 rental fee
  • DVDs: 21 days with 2 renewals
  • New Children’s DVDs: 7 days with 1 renewal and $2.00 rental fee
  • Children’s DVDs: 7 days with 2 renewals Free
3. What are the fees for returning items past their due date?
  • $1.00 a day for all DVDs
  • 25 cents a day for Music CDs, Audio Books, Magazines, and all Books
4. Can I return another library’s books at Fraser Library?
Books and materials borrowed from a Suburban Library Cooperative library may be returned at any Suburban Library Cooperative library.
5. Can I check out books with my driver’s license?
Fraser Public Library checks out books with a valid library card or driver’s license.
Driver’s licenses can not be used to access patron computers.
6. Can I use a family member’s card?
Library cards are not transferrable. Each family member should have his/her own card.
7. What is a PIN number?
The PIN number is a 4 digit number that you selected when applying for a library card. It is used along with your library card number when you place books on hold, access your account, renew books, etc. If you do not select it, it will be randomly generated for you. If you would like to change your PIN you must bring your card, with ID, to the library.
8. Why is my account blocked?
When overdue fines reach $5.00, your account is automatically blocked.
9. How do I get on the computer?
Computer access is available for one hour with a valid library card and PIN number. Extra time is available. A computer guest pass may be purchased for $1.00.
10. Do you accept replacement books for lost books?
Fraser Library does not accept replacement books for lost books.
11. Do you accept credit card payments?
Fraser Public Library accepts credit cards for payments of $5.00 or more.
12. I just moved to Fraser and I need a card. What information do I bring in?
A Michigan ID, property tax statement, mortgage, or lease agreement with the current address and your own name will be accepted as proof of residency.
13. Does Fraser Public Library have a fax machine?
Fraser Library offers FAX services. There is a fee of $1.00 per page.