Library History

Library Picture 2History of The E.C. Weber Fraser Public Library


The Fraser Public Library’s establishment in 1964 was the direct result of citizen interest and initiative. In 1963 Fraser residents voted that the Fraser Public Library be in accordance with the Public Act 164 of 1877 section 10a, have a $1 million millage, and an independent library board.


After much searching, a location was found in the old St. John school building. The original school building was constructed in 1884 and had been vacant for 10 years. The old school building was selected to house the new library thus saving the historic school building and established the oldest wing of the library which now serves as the children’s area and the second story meeting room.

Naming the Library


The Library is named in honor of Dr. Edwin C. Weber, the pastor of St. John Church from 1944 to 1973. He was instrumental in urging the congregation to offer the school to the city. The rent was $1 for 10 years, with the city eventually purchasing the building. The City of Fraser chose to distinguish Dr. Weber for his civic involvement and leadership.




The Library continued to expand, and a new library building addition was approved by voters in 1976 opening in 1979. The new addition was designed architecturally to complement the old school house. What was once the schoolroom is now the children’s room, preserving the charm of yesteryear.

The second floor now houses a large meeting room, which is bordered with wooden coat pegs, retains the original arched windows and has preserved the wooden floors.

The Library staff is proud of the heritage of the building and strives to broadcast and preserve the historic flavor of one of the City of Fraser’s oldest buildings.