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The Political Lincoln: Honest Abe on Campaigns and Elections

It is commonly said that Abraham Lincoln failed numerous times to be elected to various offices until he was finally elected President. Come hear Mr. Lincoln himself prove the absurdity of that claim while describing his many interesting campaign and election experiences over a long and eventful career, during a time of political intrigue and tumult when the very destiny of our nation was at stake. From 1832 when a humble 23-year-old political newcomer sought his neighbors’ vote to be one of their state representatives to 1864 when a politically savvy, incumbent President – beloved by some and hated by others – strove to unite a fractured nation, Mr. Lincoln’s campaign and election history is educational, entertaining, and inspirational. Join us October 22 at 7 p.m. on Zoom to hear more about this powerful figure. Please register for the event as spots are limited and the Zoom link will be emailed to you the day of the event.

Register here.

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